Future of Elephantsto be Decided in Court June 9th

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June 9, 2016 — The fate of 100 captive baby elephants  is to be decided in the Colombo court today 9th June. Earlier on 20th May 2016 the court ruled in favour of the illegal owners and issued an injunction against a magisterial order to handover these elephants to the owners in order for their participation in pageants.

ElephantVoices a registered non-profit organisation based in California, whose goals are to advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior, and to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants, has issued the following statement:

“We urge the Government of Sri Lanka to return 100 illegally captured elephants to the wild. Through a surprising and controversial court order on 20th May close to 100 young elephants are set to go back to those who captured them illegally.

A stay order has been given – a final verdict on the future of these elephants will be known after another court hearing tomorrow 9th June.

Sri Lanka’s image within animal welfare and conservation circles hangs in the balance. Will the court give these young elephants a new chance permitting their rehabilitation and return to the wild? Or will the court decide that they must be returned to their illegal captors?

A decision that allows these elephants to remain long-term victims of outdated religious and cultural practices doesn’t serve Sri Lanka well; it will represent a dark day for Sri Lankans and all nature lovers inside and outside the country. We strongly hope respect for Sri Lanka’s wildlife heritage and animal welfare concerns will prevail.”

Elephants are a lucrative business for their illegal owners, which is why they are loatheto set them free. Unfortunately corrupt politicians are aiding and abetting the owners and in many cases are illegal owners themselves. Even politicans in the highest ranks have allowed themselves to be duped by the illegal owners of elephants in the name of culture.

Animal lovers from all over the world have signed a petition that began a few days ago and already has more than 3000 signatures. The petition – https://www.change.org/p/administration-attorneygeneral-gov-lk-keep-illegally-caught-elephants-calves-from-their-captors

If the AG decides in favour of the captors, Sri Lanka stands to lose one of its finest Wildlife Directors Dr. SumithPilapitiya who is devoted to wild life and is highly qualified in this field.

Lord Buddha has stated that all beings must be treated kindly. High-end tourists will be less inclined to visit a country with a bad record of kindness to animals.

Are we to increase the number of elephants treated in this manner? Or can we allow these gentle and majestic beings to roam freely with their family herds in peace in their homes – the wild life habitats. All this hangs in the balance.

see mover-Press Release . (1)




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