Living Next Door to the Other

send by Eric Illayapparachchi


The song is about a young man’s long-standing love, Alice, who’s also the girl next door and his neighbour of 24 years, which is left unrequited after she moves away. The protagonist had seen a limousine parked at Alice’s home and begins to reflect on childhood memories and his friendship with Alice, and becomes heartbroken as he sees Alice get inside the limousine.

As he watches the car drive out of sight, the protagonist feels regret about two things:

  1. Alice leaving without explanation;
  2. That, in 24 years, he never took the opportunity to express his feelings for her.

Another female character in the song is Sally, another long-time neighbour of the main protagonist who is introduced early in the song. In the song’s first verse, she reminds the protagonist of Alice’s impending departure. Sally, who later tells the man that he now must get over Alice, then states that she is available. But the man fails to acknowledge her and reaffirms that he’ll “never get used to not living next door to Alice.”

see mover-


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