Apprehending wildlife criminals – some observations


The incident of poachers exposed yesterday was a great disappointment to me, from the perspective of a person who has been helping law enforcement .Premature disclosure of the identity of the person in a FM Radio channel website and in FB pages/ Groups seems to have acted as a forewarning, thwarting law enforcement..
Hence, thought of sharing these observations that I have gleaned from the three decade long experience in helping law enforcement and which I think are important to adhere to, if we are to help prevent wildlife crime.
* Seek information about culprits and collaborators in secrecy, or discreetly as possible.
*Never arouse the suspicion of others that you are on a trail.
*Seek information publicly, if there are no possible discreet ways available.
*Keep all information secretly, and share them only on a very strict “Need To Know Basis” only.
*Keep the identity of information confidentially. Never ever disclose anything that may betray an informant.
*Check and verify information before providing them to law enforcement bodies.
*Follow-up on all possible leads, as far as possible.
*Decide to act, as soon as possible.
*Help law enforcement bodies with identification, verification, laws and regulations if you can,or get them in contact with relevant subject matter specialists.

*Keep egos in check. My motto is: “Do the best and be happy about it. No need to seek fame and fortune.”When you claim and get credit publicly, opponents know what you are up to, the next time.
Never ever:
*Disclose identities of people in public before culprits are apprehended.
*Publicly request law enforcement bodies to take action. The only exception is when they refuse to act after repeated attempts to get them to act.
*Disclose information to unknown FB profiles, groups or pages. This is because they may be “Set-Ups,” or those operated by the culprit or friends to track opponents.
*Give the details of informants to others.
*Discuss or share information with those who are not working with you on the issue.
*Provide unverified information with law enforcement bodies. This will erode your credibility if information is incorrect.
*Threaten culprits. It will only forewarn them and help them escape.
*Let opponents know that you would be after them.
*Try to engage in undercover work if you are “Blown.”( which means,your identity or face is known publicly.)





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