Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park.

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This Project falls partly within the one mile zone from the borders of the Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park.
The Adam’s Bridge Marine National Park was declared by an order published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 1920/03 of 22.06.2015.This is the first Marine National Park declared after this category of National Reserves was introduced by the amendment Act. No. 22 of 2009 of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.
Therefore,this project needs to be approved by adopting the procedure laid down in Section 9A of the FFPO, and hence should be done after an approval from the Director-General of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWLC),after an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report is forwarded to the DWLC. According to Section 9A, this EIA would also be reviewed both by the public and the Fauna and Flora Protection Advisory Committee,established under Section 70 of the FFPO.
Instead,the CEB intends to get approval under Section 16 of the Coast Conservation and Coastal Resources Management Act.





                          by  Jagath Gunawardana


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