Destruction of Nests and Nestlings

Common Egret - Wikipedia

The chicks in the photograph are of Little Egrets.This,and all other Egrets and Herons are protected species under Section 31 of the Fauna and Flora Protection Long-tailed-tit-nest-destroyed-by-predatorOrdinance(FFPO).Hence it is illegal to:
*destroy the nests,(Section 31 (b)),
*destroy the eggs or harm them (Section 31(b)),
*harm the birds,including chicks and juveniles (Section 31(a)).

These are all cognizable offences,as per Section 67B of the FFPO and therefore anyone who commits any of these could be arrested without a warrant, either by the Department of Wildlife Conservation or by the Police,and necessary action taken against culprits.

see mover-




by Jagath Gunawardana


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