Poisoning of animals


Putting poisonous substances in to a water body is an offence under two laws.
*According to Section 53A of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance,it is an offence to kill any animal using poisons.
*According to Section 27 of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Act,it is on offence to add any harmful or toxic material to water.
**It is learnt that the two culprits have been charged under the FFPO and have been fined Rs. 50,000/= each.

see mover-http://www.radiogagana.com/2016/07/14/%E0%B7%80%E0%B7%83-%E0%B6%AF%E0%B7%93-%E0%B7%84%E0%B6%B8%E0%B7%8A%E0%B6%B6%E0%B6%B1%E0%B7%8A%E0%B6%AD%E0%B7%9C%E0%B6%A7-%E0%B7%83%E0%B6%AD%E0%B7%94%E0%B6%B1%E0%B7%8A-%E0%B6%B8%E0%B7%90%E0%B6%BB/



Jagath Gunawardana


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