Colourful Miracle

Common Leopard/Leopard (Phalanta phalantha)

This is a common species found in both Wet and Dry Zones and the hills.It has an orange colored background with black blotches and lines on wings.The eyes are grey,and can be seen clearly in this photograph.
This butterfly is often found in the vicinity of the Uguressa trees on which it lays eggs and is one of the larval feeding plants.
This photograph shows it on an Uguressa leaf.

Indian Fritillary(Argynnis hyperbius)

A large butterfly that is somewhat similar to the Common Leopard,but is larger and more colorful, and has a series of blue lines on hind-wing,which help identify it.
This is a rare species that is found in the higher elevations.It is seen in open areas and can be observed mud puddling and is even encountered during mid-day too,in the hot sun.(as here).
This is one of the threatened species in Sri Lanka and the National Red Data List of 2012 has placed it in the Endangered (EN) category.

Decorated Ace(male)

(Thoressa decorata)
This member of the family Hesperiidae is an endemic species. It is found in forest habitats of the Wet Zone,and has a local distribution in these areas as well, usually found near water ways..A fast flier that is having the habit of settling down on the ground, which gives it good camouflage and difficult to spot.
According to the National Red Data List of 2012,prepared by the Ministry of Environment, it is categorised as a Critically Endangered(CR) species.

Sri Lanka Blue Oakleaf (Kallima philarchus)13692468_1265116160195342_826467199215686889_n

Sri Lanka Blue Oakleaf (Kallima philarchus)
An endemic and threatened species that perfectly mimics a dead and dried leaf,with even a veination pattern.
The inner wing, seen when it is in flight, is a bright dark and light blue,in complete contrast to the camouflage during rest.
It is seen in forests in the Wet Zone.
Red Data Status -Endangered (EN)





Jagath Gunawardana


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