Plains Cupid (Chilades pandava)
A small butterfly with blue upper surfaces in both sexes.
It is a fast flier that is some times seen in small groups and is quite commeon where Cycus Sppp. (the larval feeding plant) is seen.
It is seen basking,mostly during the late mornings.




Angled Pierrot (Caleta decidia)
A smal species found in the Low-country Wet Zone and lower hills.It inhabits forest areas.
It is seen in clearings in forest habitats such as along streams and along pathways.A fast but low flying species and is seen mud-puddling at times.




13880281_1274315962608695_1844602547159596260_nRed Spot (Zesius chrysomallus)
This butterfly has short projections( tails) in the end of the hind-wing andhas red spots in the same area in the under-side.(the side seen when wings are closed).The male has two tails while the female(shown here) has three,with the middle tail longer than the others.
The upper side of the wings(the sides shown when they are open) of the male is a bright orange-red while it is dull blue in females.




Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui)
A butterfly that inhabits higher elevations but can be seen in the Low-country Wet Zone during the butterfly migration during the end of the year.
It is active and has a fast and erratic flight.This can be confused with the Red Admiral,but has a lighter,Sienna-orange color on the wings.
It is a threatened and rare species in Sri Lanka and the National Red Data List of 2012 has placed it in the Vulnerable(VU) category.


Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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