My personal Rules of Engagement (ROE)


This statement of King Fredrick the Great serves both as a reminder and a warning.That is,if you try to exceed your capacity,you will end up as a dismal failure.
This is something that needs to be borne in mind especially when trying to serve society and work for larger causes.This is because the society expects me to get involved in frederick-the-great-of-prussiavirtually every environmental and even animal rights issue,disregarding that I too,like everyone,has limits.It is a sad but true fact of life that only a few will appreciate or even bother to know that you did the best under the circumstances,but many would rather sit back,do nothing,get the benefits if successful and and blame you for the slightest shortcoming if things go wrong.However,I proceeded regardless for a long time,and paid dearly for it.
I have been transgressing this rule of King Fredrick the Great for a long time,but serious illnesses,disappointments,and the long list of unattended tasks that could be beneficial to the society in the long run,have forced me to think of this,at least lately.
Hence, I have,of late adopted a personal Rules of Engagement(ROE) to evaluate an issue before deciding to intervene.I will stay out of an issue even it fails in one of the following points.

*Whether the action benefits the environment or whether it only addresses a social Frederick-the-Great_by_Dudde[1]problem,
* Whether my intervention is essential,
* Limitation of time that can be allotted to the new activity,
*Duration of the new activity and how it can or cannot fit in,
* Limits of knowledge,
* Whether it will go beyond my level of physical endurance(stresses,health status etc) ,
* The other activities that I am currently engaged on which can be adversely affected by this new activity,
* The other needs of life,



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law

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