Lessons from Crustaceans– How you want to end up in life


Shrimps, crabs and barnacles are all crustaceans. Their larval stages float and drift with 6043ab1101d0dc1189cb8dd817632604the currents slowly.When they reach the stage to become adults,they behave differently.
The Shrimp larvae becomes a graceful adult,agile and free-swimming in the ocean. It has a very good maneuverability. It gets along with life by relying on speed, maneuverability, and adaptability.
The crab larvae sink to the bottom, grows large and heavy and strong body armor covering the whole body.It becomes slow and loses a lot of maneuverability due to these reasons. It defends itself by the protective armor and the large pincers with which it can attack any opponent.
The barnacle larvae settle down on a hard surface on the bottom and fastens itself to it for the rest of the life. It grows a strong armor around it. It has no mobility and has to rely on water-currents to get the food and other requirements. In other words, it has no ability to make choices as it is totally dependent on external factors. It is protected by the thick and hard body armor.

14067536_1297446830295608_5228987564866279450_nThis analogy is similar to the choices that we make in selecting a career. One can be multi-faceted like a shrimp, narrowly focused like a crab or settle down to a single pursuit for the rest of their working lives. The risks and rewards are also basically similar to those that are enjoyed by these three types of animals.


Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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