Drive – The Bright and Dark aspects


The energy that propels one to achieve something is called “Drive.”It could be to improve oneself, obtain some personal benefit in career or a position in society, or to achieve a higher goal, that is, something of value to the country, society or for a particular segment of the society.
Like most activities in the lives of people, drive too has its own merits and demerits, or viewed from another way,a bright side and a dark side. This has been a theme that has been of interest to me, especially in cases where we are puzzled by how a “nice” person we knew and respected has changed in to a completely different type of person. Although this could be due to many reasons, one is that the person has been possessed by the “Dark” side of the Drive.
The bright side of the “Drive” propels a person to:
*Improve oneself.
*Improve society.
* Be Creative and Innovative.14199600_1312185362155088_4601050830216084571_n.jpg
*Achieve extraordinary goals and feats.
*Have stamina and persistence.
*Become good leaders
*Make themselves agents of positive change.

The dark side of “Drive” makes a person to:
*Miss options by becoming narrowly focused on a single goal.
* Become stubborn.
*Become egotistical.
*Become insensitive and lose empathy.
* Try to reach goals by doing unethical and illegal means.
*Undercut their friends and colleagues.
*Destroy others who are in front of them in organizations and society.
* Become frustrated and depressed.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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