Fined for illegal possession of Edible Bird’s Nests


A Chinese lady who has kept a stock of Edible Bird’s Nests has been apprehended in Hambantota on 07.09.2016,by a joint raid carried out by the Police and DWLC officials.She has pleaded guilty for keeping them illegally and has been fined Rs. 120,000/= by the Hambantota Magistrate.
The Edible Bird’s Nests of the trade comes from the nests of five species of Swifts that inhabit Asia,and are thus collectively called Edible-nest Swifts.
Sri Lanka has the Indian Swiftlet/Indian Edible-nest Swift (Collocalia unicolor) that makes a nest mainly from its saliva and is considered as one of these five whose nests are collected for the trade.
According to Section 31,it is an offence to kill, wound, take, any bird or take, destroy or keep in possession any bird, nest or egg or parts of these birds.Hence,the keeping of the nests falls as an offence under this provision.
Any offence under Section 30 now carries a penalty of Rupees 20,000 to 50,000 or/and a jail term of 2 to 5 years.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law

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