Theodore(Teddy) Roosevelt – An embodiment of courage and determination


teddy_laughingTheodore(Teddy) Roosevelt (born 27.10.1858) is known to many as the twenty-sixth and also the youngest president of U.S.A., taking over when he was just 43 years old.
He was a person of many talents and skills,and a person who lived life to the full and strenuously. His life span was only 61 years (dying on 06.01.1919).
The short but remarkable life of his shows how the will(mind power) wins over matter(the body),and sets out a great example for us that one should not feel pity about one’s weaknesses but shuould be determined to succeed,overcoming the physical barriers.The life story of Roosevelt shows a career based on determination, courage and the willpower.

This is because he was:
*A sickly and thin child
*Severely asthmatic till mid-teens
*Very near-sighted(wore thick glasses to the end)
*Had a weak heart with an irregular rhythm


However,he did,during this period ,he was:
*Police chief,
*State Legislator
*President (for two terms)
*Fast reader (he had typically read 2 or 3 books daily)
Prolific writer
*An acclaimed natural scientist(He described and brought back many species new to science.Among them are Piranhas,of which one genus is named Rooseveltia,in his honor)
*Artist of nature
*Author of books (wrote 28 books)
*A crack marksman
*Explorer (he discovered,among other things, a river in Brazil,named after him as Rio Theodoro)
*Martial artist(He studied and became proficient in Jujitsu while he was president)

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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