Customs nab two bird smugglers

The Customs Department recently nabbed two Maldevian nationals who had tried to 14448770_1334039243303033_6794403937426325154_nsmuggle a consignment of Rose-ringed Parakeets to Maldive Islands.The birds have been placed in cramped conditions inside boxes and most have been dead by the time this detection has been made.
Although this bird is one of the five species not protected under Section 31 of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance,it is an offence under Section 40 of the FFPO to export them without a permit issued by DWLC.This section has a provision that enables the Customs to enforce it as part of the Customs Ordinance too.
In this particular instance,the smugglers can also be charged under the Cruelty to Animals Ordinance,in addition to the cother charges.
Photographs cortesy of Mr. Samantha Gunasekara .

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law

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