‘Kin Wild & Young Eye on Nature 2015’

Strokes of Colours Bind to Portrait of Nature collaboration with Digital Phenomena 


By Mega Ganeshan

The ‘Kin Wild & Young Eye on Nature 2016’ presented by the Young Zoologists’ Association of Sri Lanka, an art and photography exhibition with a distinguishing impact this year to bring out the colours and the beauty of nature itself. The Exhibition will showcase over 200 arts and photographs of various modes signifying the young talents of YZA and participants from the junior section of YZA as well.

The Young Zoologists’ Association, also popularly known as YZA is an organisation of young individuals keen in establishing conservation through education, strictly adheres to the motto ‘Protect Nature’. They do this with their own commitment and compassion. The majority of the organisation consists of students and undergraduates, the rest compromise of young professionals and nature lovers under the age group of 35.

Located at the National Zoological Gardens, Dehiwala gives the correct atmosphere and a great opportunity to learn all about the animals more closely even though they might not be in their natural habitats. The members get a rare opportunity to learn and have some fun with the animals and their behavior at the same time.

YZA is entirely run by young volunteers, conducting educational programs with field visits, workshops, exhibitions and seminars on various spheres related to conservation.

The exhibition will be opened to the public from 14th to 16th of October 2016 at the J. D. A. Perera Gallery, Colombo 07 from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Entrance is free.

As the host to the event, YZA invites all wildlife and nature lovers and all those who are interested to take a glimpse of the wonders of the natural world.

By Mega Ganeshan


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