Culpability of the Badulla Municipal Council


According to Section 129 of the Municipal Councils Ordinance,it is the duty of the Municipal Council to remove all garbage collected in public places within the limits of the council.
Section 130 states that all such collected garbage is the property of the council and shall be disposed by the council.
Section 131 says that the council shall provide places for the disposal of garbage and that all necessary measures and precautions have to be taken by the council to prevent any public nuisances.
**In addition,
— according to Section 132,the council should take action to prevent all nuisances.
— according to Section 96,the council is the “public health authority” for the area.

If these provisions have been adhered to by the Badulla MC,this type of issue would not have arisen.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law

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