Keeping a Notebook


Keeping a notebook has been a consistent habit of mine for the past three decades. The first notebooks were entirely devoted to keep notes on observations of birds, and to note down important passages from my readings.
It was seen that many notable persons, from scientists, artists, writers, inventors and politicians, to mention a few types have shared this habit. However, many people still do not seem to put much value in keeping a notebook.Vera-John-Steiner.jpg
However, the practice of keeping a notebook has gained new prominence due to the scholarly studies made by Professor Vera John-Steiner of the University of New Mexico of U.S.A.(shown here). She has shown through her extensive research that notebooks are important for the following reasons.
*Can provide a crucial bridge between the raw thought of the “Inner World” of our minds and the “Outer World” of speech. Even though internal thoughts are often fragmented, clumsy and imperfect, they are also highly symbolic.
* Raw ideas represent a highly condensed language of thought where each word may stand for manifold ideas.
* Our inner speech is like “Telegraphic Thought” where “a single word is so saturated with sense that many words may be required to explain it in external speech.
* Keeping a notebook in this “Telegraphic Style” makes it “possible to gallop ahead, exploring new connections” without needing to “ stop and explain specifics in precise, readable prose.”
* * These show that notebooks are a valuable thinking tool, in addition to the well known use of as a convenient way of remembering things. It also shows that a notebook is essential in capturing inner thoughts which might otherwise be lost. Such ideas may, sometimes, become most important in future activities.
** Almost all of the posts by me in this group are the results of my notebooks, where I keep :
+ Ideas
+ Thoughts
+ Things to elaborate
+ Analysis of things, biographies,concepts

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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