Lessons from the career of Hannibal Barca


Hannibal, as he is known widely, is the legendary Carthegian general who inflicted the most painful defeats to the Roman empire. Born in 247 B.C., to an aristocratic family and the son of a general, he was taught the art of war from his very young days, together with the notion that he has to avenge the defeat of Carthege in the First Punic War.
His life provide a lot of lessons for students in many disciplines,hence I will only add some lessons I have learnt which can be applied in diverse situations.
1.Learn your profession wellannibal
2. Study diligently all things related to your areas of interest.
3. Be open-minded, be creative and innovative in your actions.
4. Fix flexible objectives and carefully thought of plans to achieve them.
5. Do not repeat a successful method twice over, but resort to a different option.
6. Be adaptable and flexible.
7. Keep composed and think carefully but quickly in an adversity.
8. Be bold, take proactive action(take the initiative) and follow-up with vigor.
9. Surprise is a vital element in securing victory.
10 . A seemingly adverse situation could well have a hidden opportunity. Do not lose heart and discouraged in face of overwhelming odds, but look with an open mind to see and grasp that opportunity.
11. Plan everything carefully.
12. Have a working command and communication structure in your organization.
13. Every strength has a corresponding weakness. Know your weak points and cover them up while know those in the adversary and exploit them to your advantage.
14. Never think very highly about oneself or achievements, they are all fleeting in nature.
15. Be careful about those whom are envious and who will conspire against you.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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