Pied Crested Cuckoo

This is an unmistakable bird, with the bold black and white coloration,a long and prominent crest, round wings that show a prominent white patch and a long tail that shows white tips in flight, and has bold habits and can be seen easily in the open as it moves about a lot.
However, it is yet another mostly overlooked bird in Sri Lanka. It is not a common bird anywhere,being usually seen singly or in pairs mostly, and it also gives fewer opportunities for observation due to it being often on the move.
It is an active arboreal bird that is often found alone, as pairs or even as small groups and inhabiting shrubs and low trees. It favours open areas with shrubs and low trees and in marshes with shrubs and low trees. It is a conspicuous bird, not shy to reveal itself. It is always on the move, hopping from branch to branch and flying away to another shrub or tree. It is noisy, repeatedly uttering a continuous, metallic “kee-kee” or a ‘wee-wee.”
The flight is accompanied by continuous beats of the wings and the white carpal patch and the white tail tips become conspicuous



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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