Some lessons from the Trump campaign

Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election today, becoming the president elect, against the predictions of many. However, as a person who saw the winning streaks in the Presidential campaign of Trump, thought to share them as they will be of interest to donalds-hs-yearbookothers.
However, as a personal note, I wish to add that as a person who wanted to see Trump becoming president, not because of any special likening to him, but more so as being wanting to see anti- Sri Lankan Mrs. Clinton lose, this made me happy too.
The winning points in the Trump campaign I observed were:
1.Novelty plays a big positive role.
The fact that Trump did not hold any public office before, rather than becoming a liability, became his biggest asset Unlike Mrs. Clinton, who was an established politician, Trump was a stark outsider, without any past political “sins.”He was an outsider, a successful businessman, author of books on how to succeed, and a well-known TV personality.
2.Inspire hope and confidence in the minds of people
Trump inspired hope of a bright future for voters and a change in direction in the minds of those who wanted a change for the better.
3.Have a simple, positive and patriotic message as your “Core Message”
The Core-Message of the Trump campaign is “Make America Great Again.”Just four words that:

a) inspire people
b) and kindle hope,
c) brings out the pride and patriotism of citizens,
d) gives a sense of purpose to people.
4.Appeal to their hearts
The Trump campaign appealed to the emotions of people, not overwhelming them with facts and arguments
5. Be bold, audacious and decisive
6. Gives a sense of strength and energy
The energetic campaign style,coupled with a grueling regime of campaigning that never saw Trump tired, showed that he is physically able to withstand the stresses.
6. Defy the “establishments”
Trump repeatedly attacked the U.S. administration and also the Republican Party establishment.
7. Embark on a novel strategy
A future strategy report, prepared after the 2012 defeat which saw the votes of whites in the Republican party go down by 3%,has urged the party to reach out to different minorities. However, Trump did the exact opposite, not reaching out to minorities, but to regain the confidence and loyalty of the white majority.
8. Ride on the crest of the aspirations of the people
Most people wanted a change, and Trump showed him as the agent of this change for the better.
9. Act as strong and purposeful
9. Show yourself fully, flaws and all.
Trump did not try to hide his weaknesses and shortcomings. He made them to work for him by showing that he is, after all, flawed like others, and to show that he is honest and truthful.
10. Be down to earth.
Trump campaign was a true campaign that reached out to the average voter, and Trump himself mingled easily and effortlessly with people.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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