The Sambur( ගෝනා)s one of the two species of deer that are strictly

protected under sub-section (2) of Section 30 of the FFPO.
Hence it is an offence to:
*kill it,
* injure or harm,
*keep in possession an animal(dead or live), or any part of it,
*sell or expose to sell any animal(dead or live) or any part of it,
*use any implement,device or implement,or substance to commit any of the above offences.
** All offences against this species are cognizable and non-bailable too.
This animal was included in this category of Strictly Protected Mammals as they face a great hunting pressure and hence it was done as a preemptive move to stop them sliding down to a threatened category in future.
It is already in the National Red Data list of nationally threatened species of mammals.The National Red Data List (2012) put it under the Near Threatened(NT) category.




Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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විල්පත්තුවේ සතුන් බෝට්ටුවකින් කරතිවු ගෙනගිය ජාවාරමක් එළියට – ලක්බිම



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