Givers and Takers

Professor Adam Grant of the Wharton Buisness School (shown here in the photograph), who is an organizational psychologist,has devoted more than a decade to research on how people intearct with each other.He has come up with two basic types of people, according to the way they interact with others. These two types are labeled as “givers” and “takers.”He has found out that the society has far more takers than givers.adam-grant-profile_popup

According to Grant, the characteristics associated with givers are:
*They give more than they take from others, whether it is material or intellectual contributions.
*They are “other focused,” that is, they pay more attention to what other people need from them.*They tend to look more at the benefits others get,rather than the personal costs involved.
*Generous in sharing time, energy, knowledge, skills, ideas, and connections with others.

According to Grant, takers are those who:
*They are self-focused. They want to know what others can offer them.
*They want to get more than they give.
*They give strategically, thinking of the benefits they can receive in return.
*Put personal interests ahead of others.
*Feel that they need to be better than others.
*Self-promoters. Often seek the attention of others
*Want to get credit to all their activities.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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