36 Stratagems of Ancient China

This compilation has no author or compiler but it is one of the oldest military treasies of China,even pre-dating the Art of War by Sun Tzu. They have been laid down in Chinese as brief and catchy proverbs that can be easily remembered. These maxims are not rules in 13082641_1205290042844621_6090472886110738053_nany sense but are really modes of thinking which needs deliberation and contemplation.
Although they were primarily intended to serve generals in the conduct of war, it is clear that these maxims are able to provide insights in to life situations, behavior of people, behavior of organizations and even nations and not only in the conduct of war but in many other situations and fields such as the conduct of businesses, negotiations, marketing and most competitive situations. Thus, they can be applied successfully in many life situations to come up with a desirable result.
These stratagems are divided into six basic types, each having six stratagems.
They are:
1. Stratagems for the stronger force (or side)
2. Stratagems for equal forces.
3. Stratagems for direct attacks.
4. Stratagems for confusing the enemy
5. Stratagems for gaining ground
6. Stratagems for desperate situations (for a last stand)



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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