Drawing / Sketching as a thinking tool

Most people view drawing as an idle pastime, or as an intense activity that can be done only by a gifted few and which others can only view and admire.485474230
However, my observations and experiences have shown that drawing /sketching (and even painting too) is yet another skill that can be developed through practice and that can be used for achieving many other important things, besides being a pleasurable activity.
One very important use of sketching is that it can be employed as a very effective, efficient and productive thinking tool. A drawing or a sketch, however hastily or poorly done, can help explain things easily than a lot of words. It also helps one to be clear and to save time too.It is seen that many great minds have used sketching as a thinking tool.Two such people whom I have studied are Thomas Alva Edison (inventor) and Richard Feynman(Scientist,who is shown here).
It is my observation that sketching helps the thinking process in the following ways.
• As a help to see the whole thing in one stead, or to see the larger picture.
• Get and give attention and prominence to important details.
• Explore ideas visually.15032313_1397905356916421_3220358910275657145_n.jpg
• Evolve ideas visually and quickly.
• Modify an initial idea or concept, and to explore further progress in different directions.
• See and explore connections
• See patterns, sometimes which are not obvious.
• To see and explore how things fit in, what fits in, how, where and why
• To see and understand what stands apart, how and why.
• Provide direction
• Get an idea of proportions
• Compare and contrast things



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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