Life Lessons from Salvadore Dali

Salvadore Dali was one of the artistic giants of the last Century and is well known for the finely finished but disturbing art work.He was a founder of the Surrealist Art movement.He too,was Spanish and a contemporary of Picasso,but differed in many things from his more famous and more wealthy kinsman.His colorful and controversial life offers us many lessons.
Herewith are some that have stuck me more and think that they will be of interest to you.
1.Learn the basics thoroughly (The important of dedicated learning)
Dali learnt the basic painting and drawing skills early on in his life,but practiced and mastered them by doing them with dedication.

tumblr_masaudz9im1qcsn9wo1_4002.Be open for different influences
It is seen that Dali has done paintings and drawings in different styles influenced by different art movements, especially during the initial period of his artistic career. These include impressionism, expressionism and cubism.
3.Be bold and expressive
Dali has been severely criticized,but no amount of derision or criticism could take him away from his preffered way of doing paintings.He was an exponent in a surrealist art form that showed his thoughts in a very realistic and disturbing manner
4. Be steadfast in your convictions
Dali was a right-winger in an age where most artists were left-wingers and communists. He held on to his views throughout the life even though he was criticized and even shunned by some other artists for his political views.

5.One can master and be proficient in many skills
Although Dali was best known as an artist of the Surrealist school, he was a prolific writer, an architect, furniture designer, poet, actor, playwright and interior decorator, and was proficient in all these different skills too.
6.Be disciplined in your work
Dali dedicated most of his time to engage in his different pursuits and is known to spend a large amount of quality time in using his skills and in the process honing them further.
7.Be methodical in your work15727387_1455453301161626_869017361460681155_n
Dali, despite his attention grabbing stunts, was a methodical and disciplined artist who approached every work in a methodical manner and finished them too. He did not leave any half-worked or unfinished work.
8.Be the message yourself
Dali played his part fully, being his own propagandist and advertiser. His manner(dresses, facial expressions, moustache) was an attempt to draw attention to his persona, and his stunts, statements and activities were done to further this end
9.Be unpredictable
Dali didi not have a predictable way of doing things and relished being unpredictable, controversial and mercurial in his dealings with the society. These made him become an interesting and kept people in suspence.
10. Do not create scandles and disreputable things
Unlike some other contemporaries like Picasso,the personal life of Dali was free of scandals and issues.He was married only once and lived with his wife till her death(She pre-deceased him)



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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