Lessons from the Nidikumba plant (Sensitive Plant)

Nature is a constant source of education to us, if we take the time and effort to observe and reflect up on the observations. Let me take the lowly Nidikumba Plant (Mimosa pudica), known as the Sensitive Plant in English as an example.
This plant grows as an insignificant weed, and can tolerate many hardships, and even produces the Nitrogen required to it through the bacteria in root nodules. It is a prostrate, thorny and small, making it rather unpalatable. The plant has a number of bio-chemical compounds, which are of medicinal value in Sinhala Medicine. The leaves are extremely sensitive, and would close quickly if a slight touch is made on the leaves or the plant is shaken. This plant has fascinated me since small days, but have been known to avoid treading on it since that time too. The lessons I learnt from this humble plant have been of much use to me in fashioning my personal outlook in life. This cannot be said to be complete, as I may learn new things from this plant in future, and others would have most probably learnt other lessons too.
The lessons learnt by me from the Nidikumba plant are:
*Be humble
*Do not try to outcompete or outsmart others
*Do not try to be conspicuous
*Be comfortable with yourself
*Try to be self-reliant as far as possible
*Be useful
*Be tolerant
*Be very sensitive
*Be adaptable
*Be formidable
*Know how to defend yourself without much effort
*Do not actively seek to harm others, but let them harm themselves if they try to mess up with you.
*It is not your fault that your adversaries getting hurt in trying to hurt you.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



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