Lessons from the life of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky is one of the foremost leaders of the Russian Revolution of October 1917 and is the person who carried out the takeover of Russia by the Bolshevik Party, and hence played the pivotal and decisive role. When civil war broke out, he was given command of the fledging Red Army, and despite the fact that Trotsky never had any military experience, built the army and conducted the war to bring victory. However, he was later hounded out of leadership and exiled, to be assassinated in Mexico. Trotsky tends to fascinate me, ever since my younger days and it is despite the ideology he believed in.
The life story of Trotsky has provided me with a lot of lessons, both positive things to make use of and negative things to avoid and taken care of. The following are some of the lessons, both positive (01 to 15) and negative (the rest,from 16 to 22,are the negative things that were seen by me but which have been given from a positive view, as things one ought not to forget or to be careful of).
1. Have a clear visionarticle-0-02DEDC910000044D-377_233x423.jpg
2. Make the realization of the vision a life-long passion
3. Learn as many things as possible. You never know what will be needed in future
4.Be committed to a cause larger and broader than personal gratification.
5. Be willing to persevere against all odds for the sake of your mission
6. Be ready and willing to sacrifice
7. Be methodical and systematic
8. Make a habit of keeping meticulous notes
9. Make use of your skills to bring out the desired effects. Trotsky had been a prolific writer and a superb orator.
10. Make use of different methods of communication to spread your message
11. Be bold and decisive, even at a great risk to oneself
12. Take the initiative when you see an opportunity
13. Be prompt in taking action, even though there are risks
14. Accept challenges and try to grow up to new challenges
15.complete all tasks you lay your hands on
16. Be careful of your actions in order not to make unnecessary enemies
17. Never ever forget to be mindful of what happens nearby
18. Never think that others are ought to serve you or your causes
19. Never forget to take care and give due attention to your friends and associates
20. Never underestimate your opponents, however dull and mediocre they may be
21. Never lose sense of morality and think that ends may justify the means
22. Never discontinue the human factor, and do not forget to be compassionate



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law




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