Protected Status of Pangolin (ඈයා / කබල්ලෑවා )

The Pangolin is one of the twenty species of Strictly Protected Mammals listed in Schedule ii under Section 30(2) of the Fauna and Flora Ordinance.
Hence it is an offence to:
*Injure or cause hurt to,
* Keep a Pangolin or any parts in one’s custody or possession,
*Sell or expose to sell any Pangolin or part,
**All these offences are cognizable (can be arrested without a warrant) and non-bailable.

** Exporting or attempting to export any Pangolin or parts(as it has happened today) are offences under Section 40 of the FFPO.Hence it is possible for the Sri Lanka Customs to take action under the Customs Ordinance too,as if it is an offence under that enactment,in addition to the action under FFPO.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



see more- Lankan woman nabbed with 11Kgs of pangolin scales-daily mirror


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