Pale-billed Flowerpecker/ Tickell’s Flowerpecker/ Small Flowerpecker

This bird,found commonly in all parts of Sri Lanka, holds several records.
** It is the smallest bird found in Sri Lanka ,being about 8.00 c.m.(3.2 inches) in length
** It is the smallest endemic sub-species of bird found in Sri Lanka.
** It is also the smallest species of bird bird found in India,thus having the distinction of being the smallest bird in two countries.
** In Sri Lanka, it is one of the most common birds , being found even in home gardens.
** The Sinhala name is derived from the habit of it relishing on the ripe fruits of the Semi-parasitic plants of the Loranthaceae family, known collectively as “Pilila” in Sinhala.
** It is mostly overlooked despite it being a common and a noisy presence.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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