Remembering my Seeya with fondness and gratitude

Today (March 05) marks the seventy-sixth death anniversary of my mother’s father(my Seeya), who has tragically passed away when my mother was only nine years old.
Though I was not fortunate to see him even, I came to know of him from my mother and from his writings.
He was a Traditional Physician who practiced free of charge,and has taken meticulous care in writing down his knowledge of medicine for the benefit of his two daughters and his grandchildren.My seeya still remains as my brightest guiding light since my very young days.
My mother,being the elder of his two daughters,always remembered him with fondness,sadness and with a deep sense of loss,and use this day to engage in a meritorious deed in his memory.
Since the passing away of my mother,I have taken it upon myself(being the eldest of his four grandchildren), to keep his memory alive till I am alive.
May my Seeya attain Nibbana.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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