Lessons from the life of Yukuchi Fukuzawa

The remarkable life of Yukuchi Fukuzawa is a shining example of how the vision and mission of an individual who does not hold any high office can help change the destiny of a nation.
Some of the lessons I learnt from the study of his life are:
1. Have a clear vision in your life.
2. Formulate missions in accordance with the vision, challenges that are faced, constraints, opportunities and threats before you.
3. Learn your basic skills thoroughly.
4. Practice continuously and thereby hone your skills.
5. Learning new things is a life-long process. There is no ending to learning.
6. Learn from everything and everyone.
7. Be methodical in everything, especially in your observations, learning and writing.
8. Keep meticulous and methodical notes on everything that interests you.It too is a life-long process.
9. It is the intangible, unwritten and unspoken aspects of skills and working methods that are the most important and most valuable. They point out the core values and core aspects (the “way” according to Yukuchi Fukuzawa) of the skills, methods and arts.
10. Learn the skill of grasping those things that one cannot discern from reading or training. They are often the essentials that go in to the minds of skilled practitioners without their conscious knowledge.
11. Go deeper in to your learning in order to identify and learn the “core” (or the way) of arts and skills.
12. It is the invisible core (way) that really matters, not the visible and often glamorous exteriors.
13. A person knowledgeable in the core (way) can easily adapt to, adopt and anticipate any and all new developments in the sphere of his/her activities.
14. Publish your findings and learning in order to make them available and be useful to a wider audience and for the sake of future generations.
15. do not be reluctant or be ashamed of to admit things you do not know or understand. It is the cornerstone to your proficiency in that area of activity.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law



Yukuchi Fukuzawa—The shadowy samurai behind Japan’s might

Japan underwent a remarkable transformation from a agricultural nation to an industrial nation in the 1860’s and it was done not through their innovation and creativity, but by the thoughtful adaptation of and the adoption of Western sciences, technologies and systems. That is, their remarkable transformation was due to their taking up the best of … CONTINUE READING


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