Know and keep your passion alive

Everyone has at least one passion in life. But, many do not realize it or even make an effort to identify and work on it, being entrapped in social conventions ( e.g- a respectable career, a stable profession) and other self-imposed constraints.(family obligations, not being motivated, time management issues).Some realize, unfortunately at the end of their days, that they would have been much happier, more productive and more useful, had they given heed to a passion.
Many people are reluctant to pursue their passions, under the mistaken notion that they need to abandon the other pursuits, which is, to many, a rather risky option. This is because, we are mostly told about those who abandoned their careers, professions and livelihoods in pursuit of a passion and who became unsuccessful.
However, there are and have been many, both in Sri Lanka and in other countries, who have consistently followed their passions while being very successful in a career that has nothing to do with the person’s passion. One great example form our country is late Mr. Stanly Kirinde, a world renowned artist. Although he is well-known as an artist, he was a very successful officer of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and rose to become a secretary to a ministry. However, art (more precisely painting) has been his passion from the very young days. He did not sacrifice his career path in pursuit of his passion, nor did he abandon his passion for the sake of a career that was deemed respectable in the eyes of the society. He did engage in his art throughout his life, balancing a busy career with his passion. He is thus a great example to see how one can lead a balanced and productive life.
The point that was needed to impress here is that, never ever abandon your passion for the sake of a career or other mundane things and feel sorry after it is too late, but to find ways and means to balance your career and your passion, if you are unable to pursue your passion as your career.



Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law




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