Avurudu festivities in the village

Avurudu is a special time for young and old alike. It’s a time when families and neighbors come together. When homes are repainted and tidied up. Endless hours are spent preparing ‘Rasa Kevili’ (sweet treats). New clothes are sewn. The nekath times are checked and double checked so that everyone is awake and ready for the start of a new year.
In the village, the preparations begin well in advance with neighbors helping each other to clean and paint their homes, and in cooking the much relished Rasa Kevili. The smell of freshly fried Kevum and Kokis travelling far across the green paddy fields making the children flock to the kitchen.
Otara visited a beautiful village in Sri Lanka to rediscover the traditional village way of bringing in the Sinhala & Tamil New Year.
Watch these videos for tips on how to make the much loved Sri Lankan Avurudu treats like Athirasa, Kokis, Weli Thalapa and Naran Kevum.

Happy New Year!


Otara Gunewardene

Founder Embark and Otara Foundation.


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