Declaration of Waratenna-Hakkinda Environmental Protection Area

The President has made an order declaring the Waratenna-Hakkinda area in the Mahanuwara(Kandy) District in the Central Province to be declared as an Environmental Protection Area under Section 24C of the National Environmental Act (NEA), together with the regulations permitting,regulating and prohibiting certain activities in this area under Section 24D of the NEA.
This order has been published in Gazette Extraordinary No; 2024/06 of 19.06.2017(today), titled “Order to Declare Waratenna-Hakkinda Environmental Protection Area.
It is the culmination of a six year struggle by a small group of activists following a well-defined and consistent strategy to get this area protected under the NEA and also to prevent several harmful projects that paved the way for this victory.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law


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