Legal Protection of Dolphins

All Dolphins are protected under Section 30 of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.
The Common Dolphin is a Strictly Protected Species under Section 30 (2) of the FFPO.
Therefore the following acts are deemed as offences:

*the killing,
*injuring of or harming
*keeping a live or dead dolphin or any parts including flesh
*selling or exposing to sell any dolphin or part
*the use of any substance,implement or device to commit one or more of the above offences
** All offences against Dolphins are cognizable and a culprit can be arrested without a warrant.

In addition,all dolphins are protected under Section 29 of the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources act,by an order published in the Gazette of 07.11.1996.
This also makes it to kill,take,land,keep in possession or the sale of any dolphin or part.

Jagath Gunawardana Attorney-at-law

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