Chief Editor- Cey.lit & Green Journal Blog sited. Author of Enviornment, Literature & Creative Writting. Journalist -Enviornment -NEWS & Evants.


Born in Colombo
Studied at rock city which is KandyExif_JPEG_420
Primary Education in St.Anthoney’s College kandy

Higher Education in Dharmaraja College Kandy

Studing my favorite subjects which is Sinhala and Enghish lanvagues, Europe and Ceylon History, Political Science and Buddhist Culture

My first job experience which is NEWS REPOTER in political and soclal issues tabloid news paper-RAVAYA

After few years later I turn my carrier Advertising and Marketing field.

company name is FIRST AND FORWARD PVT LTD 

My position is HEAD of the COPY departmant

no dout copy writting is very well creative experence. After Iam expamding my creative carrier to

Advertising and Marketing hunters. Got director post that Adertising Co.

Again amother turming point in my life carrier, I am studing Environment.and attain Environmental Journalist in National News Pepars, also
attain Literature Critic and Creatve Writer in all News papers ,TV  and Radio channels


Now have my own Business is my web site , which it is including my all proffessional experience