නවකතාවන්ගෙන් ඔබ්බට ගොස් දැනට ලොව පවත්නා විශිෂ්ටතම සටන් ශාස්ත්‍ර‍ කෘතීන්, භාවනා කෘතීන් මෙන් ම චරිතාපදාන ආදිය එදිනෙදා ජීවිතයට යොදා ගන්නා ආකාරය සාකච්ඡා කිරීම අරමුණ වේ.

Lessons from the war campaigns of Julius Caesarjulius-caesar-4

Julius Caesar was a Roman General and Statesmen who is renowned for his military leadership.He was also a statesman who became the leader of Rome after waging a civil war against the Roman Senate and wrote detailed accounts of his campaigns. The wars waged by him has given me a lot of insides which can … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the life of Thomas Sankara1365019565_Thomas-Sankara

It is thirty years since the killing of Captain Thomas Sankara, the visionary leader of Burkina Faso. He was the President of this West African nation just for four years (1983-1987), but achieved remarkable progress to the country within this short period of time. One shining achievement of his was the planting of millions of … CONTINUE READING

Salami-Slice Strategy / Salami Tactics

Salami are a kind of Sausage that is served in thin slices. The term Salami Tactics or Salami-Slice Strategy is used to describe the gradual process of destroying opponents by cutting away the power bases and resources of opponents in very small measures (or cutting-off in thin slices) until the time one can emerge victorious. … CONTINUE READING

Confronting Projects and lessons from Sun Tzusun-tzu

There are some projects that have an adverse effects on the environment and people.Thus,there are many instances where public interest individuals, groups and people try to prevent them from happening, often by way of projects.The following are my way of looking at them and taking action.They are based on my observations which are based on … CONTINUE READING

Lessons learnt from the defeat of British Forces in 1803

The British forces which forcibly accupied Mahanuwara from February 1803 were defeated and the British forces under Major Davy surrendered on 24.06.1803. Our forces fought against the British army by a successful guerrilla campaign(or what is now called a peoples war), and was culminated by an offensive by regular forces on 23.06.1803.They tried to stage … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the Strategy of George Washington Dias George18839193_1667452366628384_7852078218389183853_n

Washington,who later became the first President of the United States of America (u.S.A.), led the forces against the British forces to bring independence to the States which became the U.S.A. It is seen that he had to face overwhelming odds in the fight.Some of these were: *There was no country on behalf he fought.There was … CONTINUE READING

Escher painting, different perceptions and strategic insights1457693_Escher_Day_and_Night_1938

This unique and insightful painting by Dutch artist M.C. Escher titled “day and Night” makes viewers to stretch out their normal range of perception. This artwork, at a glance, shows the same landscape during the day(on left) and at night(at right) However, when one moves the eyes from left to the right, the broad swathes … CONTINUE READING

Know and keep your passion alive17992025_1601864709853817_4622928687822536424_n


Everyone has at least one passion in life. But, many do not realize it or even make an effort to identify and work on it, being entrapped in social conventions ( e.g- a respectable career, a stable profession) and other self-imposed constraints.(family obligations, not being motivated, time management issues).Some realize, unfortunately at the end of … CONTINUE READING

ඒ තමයි පැවැත්මේ විවිධත්වය.Waterfalls-5-Angel-Waterfalls-1

දෙමාපියන් ට දරුවන් අහිමි වීමත්, දරුවන්ට මා පිය සෙනෙහස සමඟ දෙමාපියන් අහිමි වීමත් ඕනෑම සමාජයක පුද්ගල මට්ටමින් සිදුවිය හැකි බරපතල අන්දමින් බලපෑම් ඇති කළ හැකි තත්වයක්. මේ අහිමි වීම ඕනෑම පුද්ගලයෙකුගේ අධ්‍යාත්මය දෙදරවන ජීවිතයේ පදනම් ඉරි තලා යන සාධකයක් බව ට බොහෝ විට පත් වෙනවා. එය ජීවිත ස්වභාවය යැයි කියා කෙනෙකු ට සිත හදා ගන්න … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the life of Yukuchi Fukuzawa17498955_1570183533021935_1763409632546372968_n

The remarkable life of Yukuchi Fukuzawa is a shining example of how the vision and mission of an individual who does not hold any high office can help change the destiny of a nation. Some of the lessons I learnt from the study of his life are: 1. Have a clear vision in your life. … CONTINUE READING

මට ඔබේ අනුකම්පාවෙන් පලක් නැත.thinkstockphotos-478968743

මේ මොහොතේ ඔබ මේ ලිපිය කියවන්න ට සුදානම් වන්නේ නම් මීට වඩා නරක ලියවිල්ලක් තවදුරයත් කියැවීමට අවස්ථාවක් ලැබෙනු ඇතැයි කියා සහතිකයක් ලබා දීමට පුළුවන්කමක් නැත. ඊට හේතුව මිනිසෙකු ට අත් විය හැකි නරකම අත්දැකීම මේ ලිපියෙන් විස්තර වීමයි. විවිධ සමාජාර්ථික හේතු නිසා මිනිසෙකු දුප්පත් වීම මේ ලෝකයේ නොසිදු විය හැක්කක් නොවේ. එය නොවිය යුත්තක් වීම වෙනම කතාවකි. එහෙත් අසීමිත නිර්ධනකමක් හමුවේ ඒ ගැන දැනුවත් වීම ඒ අනුව යමින් දුප්පත්කම කුමක් දැයි ලොව හමුවේ විස්තර කිරීමට හැකි වීම තවද යමෙකු එහි ලා සමත් වීම කලාතුරකින් අත් විඳිය හැකි ගැඹුරු කම්පනයක් වේ. ඒ නිසාම මේ සාහිත්‍යයික ලිපිය කියවීම ට ඔබ බලාපොරොත්තු වෙනවා නම් එය ඔබ බලාපොරොත්තු වුණාටත් වඩා නරකම කියවීමකට, ඒත් සමඟම ඔබ ගමන් කරනු ඇත.… CONTINUE READING

Yukuchi Fukuzawa—The shadowy samurai behind Japan’s mightitem_3616

Japan underwent a remarkable transformation from a agricultural nation to an industrial nation in the 1860’s and it was done not through their innovation and creativity, but by the thoughtful adaptation of and the adoption of Western sciences, technologies and systems. That is, their remarkable transformation was due to their taking up the best of … CONTINUE READING

මේ අහස ජයගන්න ඔබට ඇති බාධාව කුමක්ද? – ජෙසිකා කොක්ස්2A13F1B100000578-3143119-Happy_days_A_smiling_Jessica_inside_a_plane_in_2013_after_gainin-a-136_1435580438554

”සමහර වෙලාවට අපි බයවෙන්නේ නොදන්නාකම පිළිබඳ අපේ අඩුපාඩුවක් නිසා යි. පියාසර කරන්න පටන්ගත් තැන සිටම ”බිය” ක‍්‍රමයෙන් මා කරා එන බව මට දැනුණා. නමුත් මා කරන්නා වු කටයුත්ත ගැන පුර්ණ වැටහීමක් මට තිබුණා. ඒ ගැන වුවමනාවටත් වඩා අවබෝධයක් තිබෙන බව මට දැනුණා. ලෝකයා බය වෙන්නෙ තමන්ගේ ආත්ම ශක්තියේ අඩුපාඩුවක් නිසා යි”… CONTINUE READING

සමුගන්නා සැඳෑව / Eve of Departure –Watercolor16939353_1544072795633009_8334635094910812260_n

This is a thought that stuck me in the evening of 14th February.The bird shown here is the Asian Brown Flycatcher,a migrant.This bird leaves in late March,and arrives in early October. The arrival of this bird has been giving me hapiness since 1986,and mixed feelings since 2011. This is the concept behind this panting.The birdwatcher … CONTINUE READING

Remembering my Seeya with fondness and gratitude17190356_1545248502182105_3981328079820566218_n

Today (March 05) marks the seventy-sixth death anniversary of my mother’s father(my Seeya), who has tragically passed away when my mother was only nine years old. Though I was not fortunate to see him even, I came to know of him from my mother and from his writings. He was a Traditional Physician who practiced … CONTINUE READING

Great News About Donald Trumptrump

This is what we have been trying to do for the past two decades with limited success.The WTO has arrogated the role of a “Super Governing Body” and dictating things disregarding the sovereignty of States. I still vividly remember their interference in Intellectual Property Rights issues and in relation to Genetically Modified Organisms and on … CONTINUE READING

Blooming Lotus (Open Lotus) Strategy16711648_1534059626634326_4272911288342384349_n

This is a uniquely Asian strategy that has its roots in the history of many Asian countries and has been used in both military and non-military situations by many in both the distant and recent past. The lotus flower unfolds from the center, or blooms out. In the blooming lotus strategy, the focus is on … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the African campaign of Rommel


Field Marshall Erwin Rommel was a German general who was very bold, innovative and refined military leaders of the Second World War. He was both feared and admired by Hitler, and Rommel was forced to commit suicide in 1944.The life story and actions of Rommel, including the Blitzkrieg in France and the African Campaign have … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the life of Leon Trotskyrole-did-leon-trotsky-play-russian-revolution_ef1566912ec2f409

Leon Trotsky is one of the foremost leaders of the Russian Revolution of October 1917 and is the person who carried out the takeover of Russia by the Bolshevik Party, and hence played the pivotal and decisive role. When civil war broke out, he was given command of the fledging Red Army, and despite the … CONTINUE READING

 Lessons from the Nidikumba plant (Sensitive Plant)16114411_1488952784478344_7986035574030690341_n

Nature is a constant source of education to us, if we take the time and effort to observe and reflect up on the observations. Let me take the lowly Nidikumba Plant (Mimosa pudica), known as the Sensitive Plant in English as an example. This plant grows as an insignificant weed, and can tolerate many hardships, … CONTINUE READING

Analogical thinking15940645_1485409601499329_717067527880231191_n

An analogy means the bringing together or drawing parallels between two or more different elements, ideas or words. Analogical thinking is a way of thinking that brings insights by bringing together ideas that are at first seem to be quite different from one another, but are made to relate in some manner. Most people engage … CONTINUE READING

 Counter-attack/ Counter-offensive15823655_1469458296427793_5238352541477952872_n

Karl von Clusewitz,in his “On War”has said that ”attack is the best form of defense.”It is meant to say that one has to attack the enemy before the enemy attack oneself. However, this maxim is also true in another context. That is, if attacked, defend yourself and proceed to attack the enemy. This is what … CONTINUE READING

 Life Lessons from Salvadore Dali1000509261001_1253139612001_bio-mini-bio-salvador-dali-sf

Salvadore Dali was one of the artistic giants of the last Century and is well known for the finely finished but disturbing art work.He was a founder of the Surrealist Art movement.He too,was Spanish and a contemporary of Picasso,but differed in many things from his more famous and more wealthy kinsman.His colorful and controversial life …CONTINUE READING

Pablo Picasso – Lessons for successpablo-picasso

Pablo Picasso was one of the most productive, most famous and most wealthy artists of the last Century. He was known to be a trailblazing artist who painted in different styles and mediums. His life was scandalous and Picasso was known to be a secretive person, keeping most of his art works with him. The … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the life of General Yakubu Gowongeneral_yakubu_gowon__www_igbofcous_co_uk_

General Yakubu Gowon was proclaimed leader of Nigeria on 01.08.1966,after the Nigerian army staged the second coup in an year.(It is known as the Nigerian Counter-Coup). He was only 32 years of age at the time,being born in 1934.A career military officer,who had no political interest or experience,or ambitions,he was asked to become the leader …CONTINUE READING

Colonel Boyd and the Boyd Cycleboyd2

36 Stratagems of Ancient China36-stratagems

This compilation has no author or compiler but it is one of the oldest military treasies of China,even pre-dating the Art of War by Sun Tzu. They have been laid down in Chinese as brief and catchy proverbs that can be easily remembered. These maxims are not rules in any sense but are really modes … CONTINUE READING

Givers and Takersmaxresdefault-1

Professor Adam Grant of the Wharton Buisness School (shown here in the photograph), who is an organizational psychologist,has devoted more than a decade to research on how people intearct with each other.He has come up with two basic types of people, according to the way they interact with others. These two types are labeled as … CONTINUE READING

Some lessons from the Trump campaigna_ov_winter_trump_bankrupt2_160624

Donald Trump won the U.S. Presidential election today, becoming the president elect, against the predictions of many. However, as a person who saw the winning streaks in the Presidential campaign of Trump, thought to share them as they will be of interest to others. However, as a personal note, I wish to add that as … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the life of Oswald Boelckeboelcke-pred-f-d-iii-prvni-let-nove-jasta2

Oswald Boelcke (19.05.1891- 28.10.1916) was the first Air Ace in history who died at the relatively young age(25 years) a hundred years ago. He was a Fighter Plane pilot of the German Air Force during the First World War and is credited of becoming the first Air Ace, but whose ultimate score of 40 was … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from the career of Hannibal Barcafascinating_hannibal_barca_facts

Hannibal, as he is known widely, is the legendary Carthegian general who inflicted the most painful defeats to the Roman empire. Born in 247 B.C., to an aristocratic family and the son of a general, he was taught the art of war from his very young days, together with the notion that he has to …CONTINUE READING

 Lessons from the career of Dr. Antonio De Olivieira Salazar (1899- 1970)salazar.png

The long and illustrious career of Dr. Salazar ,who was a professor of Economics and law who subsequently became the Finance Minister of Portugal and ended up as Prime Minister,shows a number of positive things that are helpful to us.It is also seen that there are some mistakes he had,which is another type of learning to us,in order to avoid falling in to the same type of pitfalls.

Salazar—the “quiet” Dictator596078201

Most dictatorial rulers of the 20th and 21st Centuries share some common features. That is, they employed a “one-man” rule, where the systems of government were subverted and subjugated to the whims and fancies of the ruler, had a small clique of family and relatives(and some friends) who benefited enormously at the expense of the country, tolerated and enjoyed corruption,

Learning from history , Santayana and creativity.


“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”– George Santayana This quote from George Santayana, contained in his book “Reason and Common Sense (1905)”, is often quoted as a warning not to forget history, and to instill the need to study what happened in order to ensure that it does not … CONTINUE READING

James Webb Young – A Five Step Approach to the Creative Process66_James-Webb-Young

In my work on the research in to the creativity and innovation processes,I came across this hitherto unheard of book by James Webb Young. James Webb Young (1886-1973) was an Executive in the advertising field in U.S.A.,and a former Vice President of J Walter Thompson who became First Chairman of The Advertising Council., developed a five-step model of the creative process and put them down in his book titled “A Technique for Producing Ideas”.This book is still relevant today, seven decades since publication.

Le Corbusier -A life of excellency gained from fighting against overwhelming odds


Charles Eduourd Jeanneret(1887-1965), known famously by his pseudonym Le Corbusier, is best remembered as an architect of the new age. It is seen the Le Corbusier as a multi-faceted person who worked hard and excelled in many fields during his life. But, he was really a person of many weaknesses who succeeded despite them and …CONTINUE READING

Drive – The Bright and Dark aspectsmaxresdefault

The energy that propels one to achieve something is called “Drive.”It could be to improve oneself, obtain some personal benefit in career or a position in society, or to achieve a higher goal, that is, something of value to the country, society or for a particular segment of the society.

Theodore(Teddy) Roosevelt – An embodiment of courage and determinationgty_teddy_roosevelt_lb_150204

Theodore(Teddy) Roosevelt (born 27.10.1858) is known to many as the twenty-sixth and also the youngest president of U.S.A., taking over when he was just 43 years old. He was a person of many talents and skills,and a person who lived life to the full and strenuously. His life span was only 61 years (dying on … CONTINUE READING

Lessons from Crustaceans– How you want to end up in life


Shrimps, crabs and barnacles are all crustaceans. Their larval stages float and drift with the currents slowly.When they reach the stage to become adults,they behave differently. The Shrimp larvae becomes a graceful adult,agile and free-swimming in the ocean. It has a very good maneuverability. It gets along with life by relying on speed, maneuverability, and … CONTINUE READING

Reading Sun Tzu’s Art of War – Some observationsSunTzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu is one of the most widely read books at present, and the majority of the readers are not in an armed force. They could be from such diverse disciplines such as marketing, sales, management, planning ,investment and even law. This wide readership and interest has resulted in many translations and adaptation of the strategies for specific situations being available for readers.

My personal Rules of Engagement (ROE)13925351_1290122514361373_8715765225443967364_n

This statement of King Fredrick the Great serves both as a reminder and a warning.That is,if you try to exceed your capacity,you will end up as a dismal failure. This is something that needs to be borne in mind especially when trying to serve society and work for larger causes.This is because the society expects … CONTINUE READING

General Yakubu Gowon — 50 years later13920630_1276631189043839_9044979039290818328_n

General Yakubu Gowon was proclaimed leader of Nigeria on 01.08.1966,after the Nigerian army staged the second coup in an year.(it is known as the Nigerian Counter-Coup).(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1966_Nigerian_counter-coup) He was only 32 years of age at the time.A career military officer,who had no political interest or experience. I have studied the career of General Gowon, who was … CONTINUE READING